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Round Firepit, Terrace Walls, Pergola, Landscape Design Lake Forest

Family | History

My name is Antonio Romani. In 1951, my father, Tiburcio, started a business hand crafting and forging iron tools for the masonry/stoneworking trades.  His work was exceptional. The symbol of an arrow was etched into each piece, indicating that it was from his shop, and that it came with a lifelong guarantee.  People around the town knew that the best masonry tools came from  one place - "the shop that stamped its tools with the an arrow symbol".


I decided to start up our family business again, in the year 1999, after having previously worked for 22 years in landscape construction and horticulture.  My brother and I wanted to carry out the values that my father instilled in us when we were children.  "The Arrow Shop" was born again.  


We maintain the legacy of "Arrow Quality" that my father coined.  We expect the highest standards from ourselves and we infuse each project with nothing less than superb craftsmanship.  We consider a project complete when our client is truly satisfied. Referrals are our lifeblood.  We remain a family business — one of our best assets — and we take deep pride in our work. We strive to orchestrate each and every project in a socially, ethically, and responsible manner.


Design | Construction | Maintenance

The process seems common enough, but at Arrow we believe it should evolve beyond that.  Our work is a reflection of ourselves and your desires.  Let us design and build your entire outdoor environment and forget about the hassles of hiring multiple companies and contractors.  Arrow is a "one-stop shop" and no service, trade, or specialty is left behind.  Let's build that outdoor kitchen, an elegant poolside retreat, or that special structure to define your outdoor room.  Our clients feel comfort in the fact that we're a team with vast experience, that's dedicated to artful details and quality.  


Our roots are in old world craftsmanship and we have a personal commitment to infuse our work with that special something - a personal touch inspired by your home.  As we design a project, we sketch and plan that special look and feeling out of a few, simple, unifying ideas...the way my father masterfully crafted iron tools out of a few, simple pieces of wrought iron....and with this in mind, we strive for a final installation full of character and heart....the way my father created each and every one of his tools. 


Today, my son Marco guides our work and carries on the legacy of the family business as he designs exquisite landscapes and structures for our discerning clientele.   Together with my brother Rafael, the three of us strive to carry out my father's vision of a unified family business that can design, build, and maintain artful creations.  And together with our clients, we enjoy crafting the land and creating serene outdoor spaces - of only the highest quality - Arrow quality.


- Antonio Romani 

Founder, The Arrow Shop, Ltd.

DBA:  Arrow Land + Structures

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