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The front yard of this grand home deserved an equally grand entrance.  We entice visitors by treating them to lovely gardens as they stroll to the front door.  The crisp lines of the hardscape pulls the eye along the edges of the brick garden walls - the patterns and palette of materials is consistent across the entire front approach.  The paver driveway, the bluestone coping on the walls, the bluestone path, and all plantings harmonize with one another to lead the eye straight to the focal feature - a grand seating area adjacent to the front balustrade porch.  A quad arrangement of cast limestone urns enhances the nodes of the seating space.  Most front yards are rarely used for seating - we have learned that unlocking value within an outdoor space means using front yard real estate not only for curb appeal but also for functional purposes.  Gathering spaces and garden settings shouldn't be just for the rear yard.  The front yard space is one of the most important aspects of fine residential landscape architecture. 

This front walk and seating court are self maintained during the winter - when it comes to snow and ice - we designed and installed a hydronic snow melt system that keeps the walks, steps, and seating areas warm and free of slippery conditions.  The homeowners care deeply about the experience that their visitors have as they take the stroll to their front door.  First impressions are essential.  Safety is essential.  No matter the time of year. 

Designed by: Marco Romani, RLA. Landscape Architect.

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