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A- Residence Front Elevation View.jpg
B - Front Oblique View.jpg
C - Front Corner View.jpg
D - Garden Entry Gate Detail.jpg
E - Garage and Driveway Detail View.jpg
L - Driveway Reverse View.jpg
M - Garden Path View.jpg
F - Rear Yard Corner View.jpg
G - Pool and Pergola View.jpg
N - Pool Corner View.jpg
H - View from Hot Tub.jpg
I - Residence Rear Elevation.jpg
J - Outdoor Kitchen View.jpg
K -Firepit View.jpg


We implemented formal design elements across the hardscape and softscape for a classic French theme. The plant massings are simple, symmetrical, and they serve to highlight the grand architecture of the house. The driveway compliments the brickwork on the facade of the house and the bluestone border delineates a formal motorcourt.  For the rear yard, we continued the classic French inspired theme.  Again, the plant massings are simple and formal - they serve to highlight the beautiful architecture of the house.  The formal boxwood hedges provide definition and the crisp clean Arborvitae perimeter lends a solid green privacy wall around the entire rear yard. We designed and placed the swimming pool and pergola at a 45 degree angle to the house, to maximize the lawn space and to keep the main view of the house facade open/intact.  The outdoor kitchen and firepit serve as excellent entertainment amenities. 

Designed by: Marco Romani, RLA. Landscape Architect.

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